Wills & Estates

Estate Planning

Our Role

A will drafted by a lawyer provides peace of mind in the knowledge that your estate will be distributed, your dependents provided for, your wishes carried out and your succession planning realized after you die. Our team is experienced and can assist you with all aspects of your Estate Planning.

At our initial consultation we will review your current situation to determine your estate planning needs and also allow you the opportunity to decide if we are the right firm for you.

Will is a legal document by which YOU control the disposition of your property at death.

If you die without a will, your property will be distributed according to the Succession Law Reform Act and the provisions regarding intestacy. With the result that your estate may fall into the hands of persons you had no intention of providing for. If you die without a will you have no control over the final distribution of your property.

The document that we will help you draft gives not only you piece of mind but certainty for your beneficiaries.

Estate Administration

Our Role

When you die, everything you own or have an interest in, and all outstanding debts that you have, automatically make up what is referred to as your estate. As you are no longer around to manage your own affairs, the law requires that someone act on your behalf to wind up your financial matters and administer the disposition of your estate; that someone is known as an ‘Executor‘.

Good professional advice is essential during this winding up or Probate process in order to reduce probate fees and eliminate any risk to the executor.

While we do not litigate ‘challenges to a will’ we would be happy to meet with you to review your concerns and ‘direct’ you accordingly.