Real Estate


The decision to own property is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime, both in terms of the substantial investment it represents, and the satisfaction derived from owning that property, whether it is your first home, a subsequent home be it big or small, a newly built home, a second property such as a Cottage, a vacant lot or a commercial income property.

Our Role

The buyer’s real estate agent will normally prepare the ‘agreement of purchase and sale’ and most agents will generally provide a suitable document. However, the agreement is a legal contract which determines all aspects of the real estate transaction and if you have any questions or concerns prior to signing the agreement our team is but a phone call away. This is a critical time in the process and timely legal advice at the outset can make a real difference.

Our first consultation, whether before or after you sign the agreement, comes with no charge and there is no obligation to retain our services. We will review and discuss the document with you. Our team has experience with all aspects of a real estate transaction and is alert to all the terms and conditions necessary to protect your interests.

At the first consultation we will provide you with An estimate of the cost to purchase the property.

Once you have retained our services we will work diligently on your behalf. During the process we provide legal advice as required to both you and your real estate agent.

The need for a survey and the availability of title insurance

A purchaser may be faced with the cost of obtaining a survey. Many lenders today require a location survey. If one is not available from the seller, the buyer will be required to provide one at their expense. We may have an appropriate survey in our extensive database. Alternatively, most lenders will accept title insurance in lieu of a survey. Title insurance protects your ownership interest from losses incurred as a result of title defects or other covered matters that are unknown to you when you purchase. Title insurance, paid once at the time of closing, is available at a cost which is lower than the cost of a survey.