Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney document can give you a voice when you need one the most.

Many people do not realize the importance of having a legally drafted and up to date document until such time as one is required and by then it may well be too late.

The attorney appointed under an old document may today be unable or unwilling to act or the person seeking a new document may no longer have sufficient capacity to properly instruct a lawyer.

A power of attorney is a document that everyone should have, that will allow someone to act on your behalf should a need arise during your life time. The document should be given to someone you have confidence in.

The need that we speak of might be a temporary one or it may be a long term need. Cognitive impairment, while something that we associate with the process of aging, can occur at any time as a result of an accident, a stroke or some other unplanned event.

The document can be either A financial power of attorney or A personal care power of attorney

The document can be limited in nature, that is it can be narrow in focus, or it can be general, very broad in focus.

Both types of document cease to have effect upon your death.