An estimate of the cost to purchase

At the first consultation we will provide you with an estimate of the cost to purchase the property. It is important to be aware that not all real estate transactions are the same. Our fees will depend upon the complexity of the transaction. The cost will include our legal fees, any mortgage fees, disbursements, adjustments and any land transfer taxes.

  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Adjustments include municipal taxes and the cost to fill propane or oil tanks if used to heat the property. An adjustment may favour the buyer or the seller depending on when the transaction closes and amounts already paid to the municipality or the company by the seller.
  • Disbursements include all expenditures made on your behalf which are required to obtain your property such as title searches, tax and zoning certificates, execution searches, registration fees, title insurance (if purchased), courier fees, faxes, photocopies and sales tax.
  • Mortgage fees: the cost to receive the instructions and prepare the mortgage for registration.
  • The legal fees reflect the lawyer’s work and the work of the law clerk handling your transaction. Our firm policy is that there is no charge for preliminary services. This means you will not be charged our legal fee if an offer is not accepted or if a conditional offer is accepted but does not proceed because conditions are not satisfied.