drafted by a lawyer

There are ‘off the shelf’ forms which may be purchased allowing you to ‘do-it-yourself’.  This approach though, in our experience, often places your estate planning at risk.

The language of wills is unique. The incorrect use of words, misplaced syntax and/or missed information can result in the distribution of your estate in a manner not intended by you. Tax laws are amended on a frequent basis and the payment of tax upon your death may result in your beneficiaries getting substantially less than you intended. In the province of Ontario a gift to a person who witnesses the will is of no effect. If you have real estate in another province, such as a cottage or seasonal home, the law of that province prevails and not the law of Ontario.

Our team is qualified and well placed to help you avoid these simple pitfalls and to advise the course best suited to each individual situation. A few hours of a lawyer’s time spent preparing an appropriate will that suits your particular situation may result in substantial savings after your death in both taxes and probate expenses. In which case your beneficiaries will get exactly what you intended.