Corporate & Commercial

Our local economy is driven by small businesses. Receiving good professional advice on how best to arrange your business affairs, be it by incorporating, creating a partnership or operating as a sole proprietor, will benefit your business and allow you to take it to the next level.


Creating a corporation offers your business venture a range of benefits; it can insulate you from personal liability, can give your business greater legitimacy when raising capital and allow for succession planning.


A critical component to running a successful corporation is managing your investors while also ensuring that the stakeholders understand their respective investments, legal rights and obligations, and exit strategies.

A well drafted Shareholder Agreement can go a long way to achieving your commercial objectives, maintaining a stable foundation of capital investment and ensuring there is a succession plan in place.


A variety of issues arise when it comes time to pass on the family business.

It is critical therefore to obtain the best advice possible to ensure that the lifetime of work you have put into your business is well protected for the next generation.